I think it is safe to say that we all are reeling from the events that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia during the rally on Saturday. If some are not familiar with what I am referring to, it was the horrifying and hatred events that transpired this weekened at the white nationalists rally where protestors demonstrated their disapproval of what the neo-nazis supremacists stood for. What began as a protest ended in a clash of violence that resulted in a white supremacist supporter driving his Dodge Challenger car into a crowd of counterprotestors killing one woman, Heather Heyer and injuring at least 34 people. What upsets me is that the mdeia is going around in circles to not name these white supremacists what they really are: terroists. They are not suspects, victims or confused simply because the color of their skin is white. The news is so quick to name someone of Muslim background terroists but not a white person. They will protect and call a white person who had just killed nine black people in a church mental instead of a terroist committing a hate crime. The police will protect that said person and even feed him on his way to jail, but shoot an innocent black man who had given an advance warning that he had a firearm but was licensed to carry it because that said officer felt “threatened”.

I think what sickens me even more is the fact that it took Trump two full days to make a statement about the events that occured. But the only reason he even said something was because people from all over were already saying something against the injustice hate crimes. Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Barack Obama, Zendaya, J.K. Rowling and so many more others as well as around 31 solidarity marches in support of all the victims affected in Charlottesville and the impact it has made on this nation took place this weekend. Even in the darkest hours where our nation is threatened to be divided, we must remain and stand to fight for unity and equality in the time of racial injustice. Zendaya encouraged all the young people at the Teens Choice Awards to speak up against violence and injustice when seen because we are the future of our nation and we need to recognize that our voices matter and make a difference. But I am saying that we all, young and old–no matter the background that we come from–we have to stand up against the injustice all around this nation. If we have a voice, we have the ability to make a difference. Silence equals violence.

When I heard about Charlottesville, I felt the tears in the back of my throat and I forced a hard swallow as my heart dropped to my stomach in mortification.  I thought “not another one” because it seems that the racial violence is only getting worse and harder to pretend does not exist. If you still believe that this nation is not moving backwards from everything that has been happening, I honestly don’t know what America you are living in. But maybe my struggles and insight is different because I am a black female immigrant. Does not matter that I am a nationalized citizen at this point because all my life before I was a citizen, I was treated like an outsider that had a ticking clock constantly beeping in the back of my mind. I am consumed with so much rage and hurt from the recent events that have occurred this weekened that I don’t even know how to feel anymore. I do not want to be consumed with anger and be blindsided, but I do not want to throw it all under the rug and behave as if it never happened. So I might have to find a commonground between the two. I do not hate white people because I have a few great freinds that are white and I respect them as much as they respect me. I consider them my allies because they make it their business to be educated in topics and issues that does not affect them on a personal level but know they matter to other subgroups. The certain percentage of white people that make it very apparent how racist they are, are the ones that give the good ones a bad rep and make the unity that much harder. I will not however ignore the years of history of my people because that is what makes me stronger and believe more in what is right and just.

I am open to conversations and discussions that take place in a respectable manner. I am not open to judgement or harsh criticisms that demean my opinions and emotions. I am a human being and I matter just as much as the next person, no matter my skin color.

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